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10 Reasons to Legalize

Legalization means healthier choices for everyone’s mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

1. Decriminalization

Stops incarceration for marijuana possession, but not the fines, nor the bias profiling. Legalization puts an end to unequal enforcement of marijuana laws.

2. Access

VA has had medical marijuana laws since 1979, but we still have some of the toughest penalties for marijuana possession. Legalization would allow Virginians the opportunity to have the medicinal and economic benefits of marijuana without legal repercussions.

3. Care

Legalization would give EVERYONE access to the medicinal benefits of the plant, providing relief for both chronic ailments and temporary conditions like insomnia, anxiety and muscle pain.

4. Research

Will provide accurate information and education that will keep people informed and safe. Marihuana’s* classification as a Schedule-1 drug currently prohibits full research of the medical, scientific, practical and social aspects of the plant.

5. Repair

Marihuana* Prohibition and the War on Drugs were directed at specific communities hindering access to higher education, decent paying jobs, healthy environments, housing, citizenship and even parental custody. Legalized cannabis revenue funneled into the communities most harmed can bring REPAIR where prohibition brought DESPAIR.

6. Increased Tax Revenue

VA could make $300 million in marijuana sales tax alone in the first year of legalization.

7. New Small Businesses & Jobs

With legalization, VA business can grow sustainable full-time job creation that benefits our urban, rural, suburban communities. Careers include independent dispensary owners; small farmers; graphic designers; contractors; educators, scientists, inventors, chefs, makeup artists and many others.

8. Legacy

Economic opportunity determines our legacy. If laws continue to criminalize behaviors and natural resources that are helping our families succeed financially, then we are creating barriers to wealth building.

9. Criminal Justice

In VA, Black people are 3x more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. Legalization will address the inherent bias that takes place and leads to equity.

10. YOUnity

Legalization dismantles a big stigma, leading to a reclamation of the knowledge and acceptance in marijuana use.